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The X 86 processors support

The x86 processors support
the register addressing mode:  mov , ax,bx
the immediate addressing mode:   ADD
the direct addressing mode^
implicit addressing mode,
the indirect addressing mode,
stack addressing mode,
the base plus index addressing modes,
and the base relative plus index addressing mode.


Sidi Bousiid

sidi-bou-saidThe town got its name for a figure who lived there, Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji (before he came along, it was called Jabal el-Menar). The town itself is a tourist attraction as it is known for the extensive use of blue and white colors all over the town. All kinds of souvenirs (some not even remotely connected to Sidi Bou Said and sometimes not to Tunisia itself) can be bought in the main street. While staying in Sidi Bou Said for a few days is not common, tourists from Hammamet and other tourist towns usually come to Sidi Bou Said. It can be reached by a TGM train, which runs from Tunis to La Marsa.